Thanks to our experience and our expertise, we continue to make progress every day with our studies and research, in order to offer our customers a wide range of quality services.


Cost optimization by product substitution. (connectors, speakers, displays, switches, …)

  • Prospecting of partners and subcontractors in Southeast Asia.
  • Possibility of component supply by us.
  • Manufacture of small series tools for overmoulding.

Our latest investments

In our factory Evermuch (For large series)

An X-ray machine to control with extreme precision the quality of our welds.

In our workshop in France (For small series)

Mechanical dynamometer:

To measure the breakout force of cords

Marking machine on shrinkable tube:

To personalize your cords according to your wishes

Cutting machine (Komax kappa 210):

For cutting wires or cables automatically

Crimping Press (PP3 Kirsten):

For semi automatic crimping

End crimping machine (Wirelease) :

Quickly crimp any type of cable end

Cable stripping machine (Komax) :

Allows stripping cables of different diameters

Marking machine (Letatwin):

To personalize your cords thanks to the color marking on shrink tube